We are a resource and support for legal guardians and the professionals that work in the area of legal guardianship. We are a platform for providing information, analysis and insight in the area of legal guardianship to lawyers, social workers, accountants, care managers and other professionals and caregivers  who work with seniors and the disabled.

We provide insight into best practices for legal guardianship in New York and up-to-date useful information for professionals helping seniors or persons with disabilities. We also address the challenges that guardians and caregivers face, and propose some solutions.

Who are we?

“ny guardian advocate” is co-published by Colleen M. Meenan and Lissett C. Ferreira.

cm Colleen M. Meenan is a practicing attorney and the principal of the boutique law firm Meenan & Associates, LLC.   Colleen has developed an in-depth understanding of guardianship issues and is regularly appointed by the court as a guardian, trustee and court evaluator.  Due to her range of experience, she is often retained as counsel to professionals in the guardianship community.  Colleen’s vast guardianship experience began with her successful representation of a granddaughter seeking to protect her incapacitated grandfather against financial exploitation in the often cited case, Matter of Kustka, 163 Misc.2d 694 (Sup. Ct. Queens Co, NY [1994]).  Colleen’s uncompromising fidelity to justice for the elderly is evidenced by the legal proceedings she has successfully prosecuted to track down and recoup assets totaling millions of dollars that were stolen from elderly victims by caregivers.  Colleen continues to serve as a guardian protecting the lives and interests of the most vulnerable members of our communities and recouping millions of dollars in assets.

lf Lissett C. Ferreira is an attorney based in New York City who is passionate about helping families and individuals. Lissett’s practice focuses on elder and family law, with a particular emphasis on guardianship matters. Prior to starting her own legal practice, Lissett served for nearly a decade as a senior court attorney for a New York State Supreme Court judge, first in a matrimonial part, and for nearly five years in an Article 81 guardianship part.  In that capacity, she was involved in hundreds of guardianship matters, developing an unparalleled breadth of knowledge in this specialized area of the law.  In private practice, Lissett continues to focus on guardianship related matters and litigation, including representing petitioners filing Article 81 guardianship proceedings and serving as legal counsel to a not-for-profit guardianship agency.  In the latter role, she has gained additional experience in another unique area of guardianship practice. Lissett is a sought-after lecturer at various conferences and presentations addressing this niche area of the law.